Business Simulations for Education


What are the benefits of simulations for students and teachers?

  • Special practical knowledge and experience assured by the learning by doing method. The competitive and game-like nature of simulations enables the participants to acquire their academic knowledge applying it in the practice.
  • Simulations reflect academic theory and workplace reality. By combining these two they fill the gap between them.
  • Simulation programs support education and evaluation in a modern, easy-to-use way.

Our education softwares

CornerShop - 3 retailers compete in the game in a district of a city. Related courses: basics of finance and commerce

SmartSim - Managing a company that produces and sells smartphones, tablets and laptops. Related courses: production manageent, corporate finance, kontrolling. accounting, marketing, managemnet

TechCo - Modeling the sofware developer company's operation. Related courses: marketing, accounting, corporate finance, product management, project management

Simsurance - Modeling an insurance company. Related courses: marketing, project management, finance, insurance market, accounting

SnowHotel - 4 star hotels compete with each other. Related courses: service marketing, tourism marketing, general management, controlling, accounting

GearBike - Manage a bike shop with advanced retailer decisions. Related courses: marketing, finance, management, infrasturture

Engine - Lead an international car manufacturer. Related courses: production management, general management, engineering

BankSim - A peer into the management of commercial banks. Related courses: general management, finance, controlling, accounting, marketing

BeerCo - Modelling an imaginary, beer producer and marketer company. One important and exciting aspect is the new product implementation and introduction. Related courses: production management, product portfolio management, resource planning, marketing, finance, accounting

CarDealer - Management of a car dealer marketing new and used cars with supplementary service (e.g. car renting). Related courses: basics of commerce, resource planning, marketing, corporate finance, accounting, general management

ElectriCity - Students lead a power supplier company in the game analysing databases, making decisions and defining strategy. Related courses: data analysis, technical management, marketing, finance, accounting, general management, project management

SmartCity - Players act as city managers. Related courses: public administration, local government, data analysis, accounting, project management, general management

Clinics - Simulation of the operations of a hospital. Related courses: health management, accounting, finance, institutional management