Crisis and boom simulation


How does a business simulation helps during a crisis?

We provide practical experience of the crisis and the boom after the crisis with the simulation training, showing a positive future for your colleagues. 

Your colleagues will be prepared for the strategise and decisions in the field of HR, sales, production and finances, which are necessary in a crisis to keep the company on a sustainable track.

The effects of the Crisis and boom simulation

The colleagues will manage a virtual company, so they will experience:

  • the viewpoint of the top management
  • the necessary steps to keep the sustainable operation of the company in a crisis
  • specialties of a market in crisis and booming also
  • how the financial statements helps the decisionmaking

Moreover, during the simulation we provide

  • management skills development
  • analytics and decisionmaking skills development
  • teamwork (online)
  • playful experience in a competitive situation

Advantages of the business simulation training

  • We can provide the complete training online 
  • Flexible timing: 1-2 days or micro-learning in 2-4 weeks
  • Widespread simulation portfolio: production, services, commerce and other industries 
  • Tailor making: simulation setup based on your own company
  • We can handle many participants in one training
  • In English and Hungarian

You can find more details about our simulation method.