Crisis and boom simulation


How does a business simulation helps during a crisis?

We provide practical experience of the crisis and the boom after the crisis with the simulation training, showing a positive future for your colleagues. 

Your colleagues will be prepared for the strategise and decisions in the field of HR, sales, production and finances, which are necessary in a crisis to keep the company on a sustainable track.

The effects of the Crisis and boom simulation

The colleagues will manage a virtual company, so they will experience:

  • the viewpoint of the top management
  • the necessary steps to keep the sustainable operation of the company in a crisis
  • specialties of a market in crisis and booming also
  • how the financial statements helps the decisionmaking

Moreover, during the simulation we provide

  • management skills development
  • analytics and decisionmaking skills development
  • teamwork (online)
  • playful experience in a competitive situation

Advantages of the business simulation training

  • We can provide the complete training online 
  • Flexible timing: 1-2 days or micro-learning in 2-4 weeks
  • Widespread simulation portfolio: production, services, commerce and other industries 
  • Tailor making: simulation setup based on your own company
  • We can handle many participants in one training
  • In English and Hungarian

You can find more details about our simulation method.

Demo training

We can describe our business simulation method, but the best way to experience it is to participate in a demo simulation.

We deliver the demo training to your company online!

In the demo course you can try out one of our simulations, with crisis and boom setup. We also provide a short performance analysis and go through the possibilities with your company.

Demo application