Automated online scoring system for all events!


What is Scorify?

Our experience with organizing competitions and events as well as the needs of our partners have inspired us to develop our own scoring system, Scorify.

Scorify is an automated online evaluation system that can be used at both live and online events to evaluate the performance of competitors in various professional tasks.

Scorify makes scoring transparent and professional, and the end result can be determined quickly and clearly, which promotes the effective and accurate communication of results.

The advantages of Scorify

  • we provide a unique, event-specific interface
  • it is easy to use
  • it is an online web-based system, the interface is optimized for both mobile and tablet screens
  • enables transparent, objective scoring
  • the results can be summarized quickly
  • it is possible to evaluate several tasks (e.g. presentation, numerical task) according to several aspects (eg: presentation: design, presentation skills, professional content; business simulation: profit, quality standard, market share)
  • it enables the uniform scoring of different types of tasks (e.g. presentation, simulation, quiz tasks with separate weighting and assessment criteria.)
  • it is possible to re-score the tasks, thus modify a previously set score

Using Scorify at the BEPSIRITED competition

The BESPIRITED online business competition sponsored by Diageo will be held for the 5th time in 2020. Participants test their knowledge during 3 rounds of different business, financial, and creative tasks. The competition is open to university students and recent graduates, and in parallel, Diageo employees can take part in a competition announced specifically for them.

In the Final round, participants will prove their aptitude in several tasks in front of a 6-member jury. Jury members will join the online event from Diageo’s offices in different countries. Scorify provides a unified scoring interface for the jury, where results are automatically summarized so that decision-making can be effective despite the physical distance.

How to apply Scorify:

  • We set up Scorify according to our customer's needs and prepare it for the event.
  • Upon receipt of the competition tasks, we will create or optimize the scoring, as well as create the jury user accounts and prepare the jury members for the use of the system.
  • The jury members will score all participants / teams at the event on the Scorify interface, where they can continuously monitor the current status of the competition.
  • We will be available for questions and assistance on the day of the event and will provide support to the members of the jury in the event of any scoring difficulties.
  • After scoring the last team, the order between the teams is automatically formed, so the announcement of results becomes smoother and more accurate thanks to Scorify.

If you also want to make the delivery of your professional events even smoother, ask our colleagues about the available opportunities!