Business Simulation Training (even online!)

Let them take the lead! Get your colleagues to better understand the company’s operation and the specifics of your market.


Demo training

We can write all you want about the method, but the best way to demonstrate the usefulness and feel of the EcoSim business simulation training is to try it out.

Try it, the demo training is also available online (1-1,5 hours)!


In the demo training we will also demonstrate our methods with a serious game.

Business Simulation Training and Skill Development online

How could you make your colleagues to understand the operations of the company, the characteristics of the market and the financial statements?

Give them managerial situations, let them make decisions and let them see their results immediately! Let them learn and get experienced in teams and in a competitive environment.

EcoSim trainings guarantee the evaluation and improvement of your colleagues' professional knowledge with our specifically developed simulation models and case studies reflecting your industry.  With the gamification, the participants experience the traning as an enjoyable competition game.


What skills does business simulation training develop?

With our business simulation, participants gain management experience in a competitive and playful environment by managing a virtual company.

The simulation can be used to develop leadership skills such as...

  • business acumen,
  • problem solving,
  • insight,
  • decision-making,
  • presentation skills

As finance plays a prominent role in the simulation, it develops

  • analysis
  • corporate finance,
  • economic knowledge 

In addition, simulation can also be an enjoyable team-building event.

We provide individual feedback on performance and learning points both during and at the end of the training, and we also provide a detailed analysis of performance to create a leadership skills profile.

Training types

  • Crisis and boom simulation
  • Finance for non-finance colleagues
  • Strategic thinking, business mind
  • Decision making and decision preparation
  • Teambuilding
  • CoopeRace Training - corporate championship with business simulation
  • Understanding the company and the market

The benefits of EcoSim business simulation training

  • Completely available online
  • We provide a playful competitive situation with hands-on experience in 1-2 days
  • Proprietary simulation portfolio covering 30 industries
  • Tailoring: modelling of the company, with company statements
  • Can be delivered offline and online
  • We can handle large numbers of participants
  • Available in English and other languages

Learning by doing

This method is a best practice of economic skill development trainings.

Cardinal points in our method:

  • Prior to the training we consult with our client to learn about their needs. It is an option to have a 2 hour trial simulation with a focus group.
  • We customize the simulation used for the training according to the agreed goals and requirements. In special cases we create a unique simulation.
  • Training begins with an approximately 1 hour long introduction to theory highlighting the most important general economical and financial facts and aspects of the industry which are also reflected in the simulation software.
  • After the preparation, participants are put in charge of their own virtual company acting as top managers. We refine the simulations according to our clients' training goals.
  • New knowledge and lessons learned are perfectly acquired by participants and improved business thinking methods can be gained.
  • With follow-ups conducted twice after the training, we can measure the effects.
Our works
Developing a corporate leadership mindset for participants in K&H Bank's internal training academy, using the FMCGame simulation.
Special DC program for Aegon's middle management team with SnowHotel simulation and detailed analysis, management profiling
CIB Talent University, online bank simulation course with 14 talent teams participating
Production simulation training for TMX middle and senior managers
Insurance Simulation Training for Aegon Sales Managers
Bank Simulation training for CIB Bank empleyees.
Commercial simulation for Tchibo. 100% of the participants evaluated the training useful.
Insurance business simulation development and online + live training for the experts of Vienna Insurance Group
We delivered a new, special version of Finance for non-financials training for the TESCO, teaching the finance "language" of the company
New gas station network simulation for the MOL retail colleagues.
Raiffeisen off-site, beer factory simulation. Aims: teambuilding and to walk in the shoe of the clients of the bank. "Very interesting and exciting simulation game, I would participate again!"
IT Services Hungary Controlling department, teambuliding with business simulation. "I could understand the complexity of the company and it was good to step out of the everyday work!"
Raiffeisen WOD off-site, teambuliding with cardealer simulation and creative teamwork task. "I liked it very much, enjoyable, entertaining, fantasy mover!"
EGIS Russia sales team teambuilding and business thinking development
- 2015. Business skills development and financial basics fot the store directors of Tesco
MAVIR Finance for non-financials / business simulation, 4 trainings, middle and top management, 60 persons. "Now the basic determinations are clear and I understand the economic context of our company."
Central European University MBA "Gólyatábor" teambuliding
- Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt., responsibel sales trainings. „Alltogether, positive, élvezetes experience, even though it was about finance!"
-2011 Cora Hipermarket heads of department business skills development. "The software well simulates the real life situatuions."
- 2005 AstraZeneca business thinking development at the Netherlands, Slovenia and Hungary. "It is instructive and fun!" - David Ross Smith, Vice President Operations
Lear Corporation business skills development
Demo training

We can describe our business simulation method, but the best way to experience it is to participate in a demo simulation.

We deliver the demo training to your company online!

In the demo course you can try out one of our simulations, with crisis and boom setup. We also provide a short performance analysis and go through the possibilities with your company.

Demo application