TechCo - Strategic Planning

The license fee for the program: 4 200 EUR + VAT

This game presents knowledge management, as a management approach, and the most important lessons, decisions, and methods connected to it. There are 4 companies competing on an imaginary market, their main activities are software development and sales. The companies create softwares in 3 categories, at the beginning of the game a basic version in each category. With further development, 3 new versions become available. In the game, (unlike in the traditional management simulations), the main goal is not to achieve the highest profit, but to increase the value of the company in the long run.

This can be achieved by investing in intangible assets, which means launching various projects connected to knowledge management. Because of this, the traditional variety of decisions related to management is quite limited, but there is much more freedom in creating the projects. These projects can be the introduction of online sales, environmentally-friendly asset management and the use of solar energy, holding open days, or the development of a new software product. The program highlights the advantages of environmentally-friendly business management and familiarizes students with the concept of Green IT.

How TechCo simulation software works:

  • The students form groups and take over the management of the virtual company created by the simulation software.
  • The knowledge management division of the virtual company is managed by making annual strategic decisions. The software gives a written feedback about the results of the decisions, and it also shows the important economic indicators (profit, Cash flow, turnover) on a graph.
  • The software settings can be modified in various ways based on different demands, project prices, fluctuation and a number of other factors.
  • The software can simulate up to 12 periods.

Advantages and learning points:

  • The program shows the various management decisions from basic economic activities and the most important strategic points of company management to special situations.
  • It presents knowledge management, as a management approach.
  • The simulation highlights the environmental issues and the Green IT management.
  • It describes the connection between traditional economic decisions and the performance of the company.
  • The program is complex enough to synthesize and put into practice the knowledge of students, who are close to finishing their studies.
  • As it simulates the operation of a large economic unit, it presents the competition on the market, that can be influenced by the members of the market themselves, just like in real life.
  • The game challenges and develops analytical skills, as students are required to find the data they need from various financial and commercial reports (for example balance sheets, income statements, cash flow, market research).
  • As a result, just like in real life, effective teamwork is essential to successfully complete the game.

Licensing conditions:

  • The duration of the license: 5 years from signing the contract
  • We provide a training for the school teachers about the use of the simulation software. We also provide technical support on workdays for the duration of the license.
  • A program can only be used for educational purposes and within your own institution, but it can be used in multiple workstations without paying extra fees.
  • A license fee can be paid in one sum, or in multiple installments (which means 40% of the fee upfront, and according to the agreement, semi-annual or monthly deposits.)
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