Playful, interactive storytelling


What is the Storygame?

Storygame is an interactive story-based game, aiming to provide the target audience with information while entertaining.

There is no need to explain to power of storytelling, as we all enjoy authentic stories told by genuine performers in an entertaining way.

The games are also proven to be useful in the field of marketing, education and employer branding, so gamification, as a method, is working great.

Storygame is the online embodiment of story-based role play, where the players control the story while making their own decisions by solving both situations and professional tasks. In Storygame, the players are not only witnessing, they also proactively take part in the creating process of the story, making it feel like a personal experience. This causes information to be surrounded by feelings and experience, hence be understood more easily. The story can be fitted into the game in a written format, as well as video and images.

Employer branding

Our company’s employer branding, culture and mindset can be well transmitted by stories. The experience-like recruitment, recrutainment is a suitable solution, because in Storygame, the player can choose from the colleagues’ stories and form it by making carrier decisions, as well as solving professional tasks. This way, the players get to know fields and stories that are interesting for them, stepping in the shoes of colleagues whose job they are also interested in. The answers of the playful exercises are evaluated by the system, the players hence get a picture of what skills and knowledge are valued at the firm and how well they performed. Positive experience gives extra motivation for the application.

It can be well used online and on live occasions, such as carrier days, corporate events and job fairs.

As per being a great data base building tool, Storygame has the advantage of targeting future employees.

Live training

Within the framework of live training, Storygame can transform a passive audience into active participants. The game can reflect to the most important skills, meanwhile the participants practice their use on life-like examples and situations. It can not only be played in teams, but as a live competition, too, providing the participants with motivation and a good atmosphere.


The aim of onboarding is the preparation of new colleagues, as well as helping their integration. This and the through onboarding gathered experiences give base to motivation which is the key to the colleague’s performance and their will to stay.

Through the process of onboarding, new colleagues get to know non-job-related pieces of information, such as the firm’s history, culture, labour safety and institutional structure. In Storygame, all of the above is combined with entertaining the new colleague. Including competition (in the group, compared to company average) acquiring new skills gets highlighted by extra motivation.


Our online Storygame versions are also suitable for transmitting learning material and entertaining information.

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