BankSim - Finance & Banking

The license fee for the program: 4 000 EUR + VAT

In the simulation, the participants have to manage a virtual commercial bank, as the member of the leadership team. In BankSim, the players have to analyze data, make decisions, and define a strategy. As in life, the bank has competitors, so the teams compete with each other, thus their decisions affect each other. The banks in the simulation were established a few years ago, with similar features and market position. The goal is to operate the financial institution effectively and maximize the share price.

The following decisions must be made during the game:

  • Credit rate (current account -, personal-, real estate-, state-, corporate-) and Debit Interest (sight-, short-term-, long-term-)
  • Promotion
  • New Credit/New Deposit
  • Management fee and Deposit Management fee (for loans and deposits)
  • Paid commissions (for loans and deposits)
  • HR decisions
  • Investment and sales of banking assets
  • Buying Hungarian government securities

How BankSim simulation software works:

  • The students form groups and take over the management of the virtual bank created by the simulation software.
  • The virtual bank is managed by making strategic decisions for every quarter of a year. The software gives a written feedback about the results of the decisions, and it also shows the important economic indicators (Profit, Cash Flow, Traffic,…) on a graph.
  • The software can simulate up to 12 periods.

Advantages and learning points:

  • The simulation creates an opportunity for students to put their basic knowledge in banking to the test, and get an insight into the strategic questions of the operation and management of a bank.
  • The software is sufficiently complex to use and put into practice the knowledge of students about to complete their financial studies.
  • The game simulates the competition on the financial market, in which banks are active participants.
  • BankSim requires the proper operation of a number of factors, which characterizes the financial world in general. Careful planning is essential to be successful in this simulation.
  • The game challenges and develops analytical skills, as students are required to find the data they need from various financial and commercial reports (for example balance sheets, income statements, market research reports).
  • As a result, just like in real life, effective teamwork is essential to successfully complete the game.


  • University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
  • Károly Róbert University
  • Podmaniczky Frigyes Secondary School of Economics
  • Radnóti Miklós Secondary School of Economics
  • Számalk Rt. OKK (University of Hertfordshire)
  • King Sigismund Universit

Licensing conditions:

  • The duration of the license: 5 years from signing the contract
  • A program can only be used for educational purposes and within your own institution, but it can be used in multiple workstations without paying extra fees.
  • The license fee can be paid in one sum, or in multiple installments (which means 40% of the fee upfront, and according to the agreement, semi-annual or monthly deposits.)
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