Creative design

Unique designs for all platforms


The creative design of online games, websites, logos, posters and brochures are also our cup of tea.

Here you can see a few examples of our designs:

Nokia Code Jam escape room

During the qualification round of our Nokia Code Jam programming competition, participants had to find their way out of an escape room put together by our team. Check out the demo game of Nokia Code Jam!

ContiCup Programming Competition

The competition was organized for university students and experienced programmers in 2017.

During the qualification round the participants had to get inside Continental's factory to solve a problem regarding the setup of the production line. Check out our demo video about this escape room!

Bank to the Future application design competition

The qualification round of the competition took part in an escape room, where the rooms were located in secret softwarelab of a fictional financial IT company.

EcoSim Christmas Game

We wanted to put a little extra excitment into the Advent preparations with out Christmas game. In the story players impersonate a Master Elf who has to substitute Santa while he is away and save Christmas from the Grinch.

Could you do it? Save Christmas from the Grinch!

Project Armstrong

The competition invites university students and expert programmers for an out of this world challenge. In the qualification round contestants had to program their spacecrafts in order to land on Europa, the sixth moon of Jupiter.

Our client entrusted us with creating the complete design of the competition.

This is the logo:

Check out our webpage to see more!