Organizing and promoting a Hackathon

Idea competition for students and professionals


From full service to shared works-based projects.

What is a Hackathon?

Hackathon is a deservedly fashionable competition genre where participants develop their ideas for 24 hours with the support of professional mentors. In an 8, 12, 24, or even 48-hour brainstorming session, participating teams will figure out a solution to a business / innovation / IT challenge and then further develop it with the help of professional mentors. This challenge should be inspiring and complex, yet manageable even for teams of entrepreneurs without extensive knowledge and years of experience about the relevant industry.

At the final event of the Hackathon, the teams will present their ideas improved during the idea competition, after the presentations / pitches they will be judged by the jury and the three best idea owners will be awarded and extra prizes may be awarded as well.

Months of work can be concentrated into just a few hours, because, based on mentor feedbacks, non-viable ideas are quickly filtered out, and the focus only on the most effective, marketable solutions.

Why is this good for the company?

Hackathon is a great tool to discover future talents for your innovative activities and find breakthrough ideas to your specific business challenges, which can serve as a basis for large-scale innovation programs. In addition, the partner can show young talents which other important, innovative topics and areas the company deals with.

Process of the hackathon

1. advertisement, application, team formation (1-4 member recommended) - 3-4 weeks

2, submission of the idea (max. 1 page) – 1 week

3. selection of finalist teams and ideas – 2-4 days

4. professional mentoring with teams (idea insights, general, presentation and pitch workshops) – 1-2 weeks

5. live / online final event – 1 day

Our services

  • the full organization and delivery of the idea competition from the elaboration of the challenge, through the campaign to the live / online final event.
  • advertising an existing idea competition on our own channels, with our student ambassadors. Our network of Student Ambassadors, which covers the country's higher education institutions, is our main channel in competition’s campaigns. Through our network of student ambassadors, we reach student target groups directly and effectively through their own channels, and with our e-mail databases, we reach young graduates with a few years of experience.
  • we developan online teaser game that supports advertising and builds a database in connection with the theme of the competition.

Competition support tools

  • We create an easy-to-use registration platform and an own sub-page for the competition in one place, where all competition information and team management tools are built-in.
  • we easily communicate with applicants through our self-developed Mailer system,
  • Our Scorify scoring system as a stand-alone service that makes easier to judge, customized for the competition and available online.
  • production of additional graphic materials (certificate, voucher)
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