Bank Simulation Training (online)

Our bank simulation software is modeling the commercial bank sector. We applied it for different purposes at trainings at the Hungarian banks. Let's show an example! 

We organize this bank simulation training in collaboration with CEU since 2011 for the members of the Erste Talent Program as the final part of their training.

The simulation

The bank simulation models the operation of a commercial bank similar to Erste with the help of the specific data drawn from the annual report and the operations of the bank. In the game the participants work in groups.

During the two-day program the participants manage virtual banks as senior executives. All the teams start from the same position.

In the course of these two days, they lead the companies by making annual strategic decisions, for example changing deposit and credit interest rates, determining management and account maintenance fees, issuing bonds, making HR decisions, trading with securities and foreign exchange, and launching different projects. The simulation compares and evaluates the decisions right away, this way the players can see the impact of their decisions.

As part of the simulation, participants need to create a strategy for the next 6 years. Determining this strategy, and presenting it after the simulation is over is part of the training.

The main goal of the simulation is to give a fuller picture of the operations of a bank, and to show how a decision made on a given problem impacts all the other areas of the operation of the bank.

The timing:

Kick-off: objectives and rules of the game
Trying out the game (has no impact on the simulation later)
Creating the strategy
The real game begins for 4-6 virtual years, with occasional feedback from the trainers
Announcing the results (for example based on total profit)
Presenting the strategies, self-assessment presentations of the teams
Analysis and feedback from the trainers
Filling the feedback questionnaire

We provide
18 participants in 6 teams