CoopeRace training – Corporate championship with business simulation

Gamified cooperation training to improve effective teamwork


CoopeRace is a new training concept which contains the characteristics and advantages of a team building and a training as well.

In CoopeRace, participants create teams together with colleagues from different divisions of the company. To achieve effective cooperation, firstly, they have to find their way out from a pop-up escape room. After that, the teams’ task is to manage a virtual company which helps them to understand the Big Picture of their company.

What is CoopeRace good for?

Training Flow

The length of the training can differ based on the number of participants. The 1st and 3rd steps can be delivered online as well.

Possible follow-up training topics

  • Finance for non-finance colleagues
  • Strategic thinking, improving business mindset
  • Decision-Making and preparation techniques
  • Understanding corporate and market processes


Our works
International competition for the DIAGEO employees with the BESPIRITED case study game.
Budapest Bank countrywide manager conference (200 persons), teambuilding with mini simulation
NN Insurace Inside - internal insurance simulation competition for the staff of NN
Live & online simulation based teambuilding for the expert colleagues pf VIG insurance group
CIB Bank - Advanced Management Program (since 2012)
FHB Banksimulation Championship for the employee of the FHB group
Raiffeisen Mid-Corporate Division, corporate championship for the sales colleagues. "Pwrfect, thank you for the high quality training!" - János Jaksa, Head of Mid-Corporate Division
- 2014 Magyar Posta, Post Sales Competition. "I experienced a lot and I can use it in my everyday work."
- 2013 Banksimulation training for the ERSTE Talent program participants.
Colas Hungária Young Graduates Program Management Competition. "I developed a lot professionally and as a teamworker, it was exciting."
- 2005 Porsche Hungária sales competition and training. "It was worth to participate!"
- 2008 E.ON Talent program, Management competition, 85-120 yearly participants
- 2005 Magyar Posta, Post Office Management Championship, 800-1000 yearly partcipants