Finding well qualified experts is not an easy thing in the energy sector. For this reason E.ON puts high priority to guide the youth well in advance during their studies and to become an attractive employer.


In 2011, to comply with these goals we created the engineering competition series called Challenge.ON. The efficiency of the contest is proved by the numbers: more than a hundred energy, electrical and mechatronic engineer students apply yearly to compete with each other in an "electrifying" challenge.

In 2018, Challenge.ON was held as a hackathon, that is a recently trending format. Mix-discipline (economics, engineering, IT and designer) teams of 2 to 4 students were invited for the idea contest. Their goal was to figure out: what kind of electrical solutions will the future consumers use in the following decades. The best 15 teams got the chance to participate on the 24h long hackathon and develop their ideas.

In 2021, the competition went fully online. The Challenge.ON started with two qualification rounds, where the participating teams played on the E.ON virtual escape room, finding solutions for the upcoming challenges. The best 6 teams showed their masterminds in the professional debate during the finals. In 2022, the participants had to use their problem-solving skills to create a renewable energy community, while in the final round they had to take part in a TV quiz-style competition.


We provide
107 participants
36 teams
14 institutions