Morgan Stanley Code to Give


The Code to Give Hackathon was organised by Morgan Stanley in the spring of 2021 and autumn of 2022.

Code to Give is a series of global virtual hackathons to help non-profits around the world solve real-word issues and further their missions through technology. As part of Code to Give, Morgan Stanley pairs its technologists with students and experienced professionals to build cutting-edge digital tools for our non-profit partners.

Non-profit organisation and mission

Salva Vita

Salva Vita evaluates the skills and competencies of applicants with disabilities, connecting these underserved community members to job opportunities. This assessment process was mainly paper-based. The competitiors could help Salva Vita's work to automate this time consuming and manual process, which receives hundreds of applications per year. 

By autumn 2022, the competitiors had to create an online skill assessment platform that is accessible and provides support function to diverse members of the community, including those with hearing and visual impairments.

Amigos Foundation

The Spring 2021 hackathon was looking for solutions/ideas for the Amigos for Kids Foundation's digital ptatform, which makes learning fun for children who are hospitalised with a chronic illness.

During the Hackathon, the participants were expected to redesign the Amigos Digital Challenges platform to make the children more enthusiastic about solving the challenges set for them. We were looking for creative and innovative solutions (model applications or gamified solutions) that would help the Amigos team to involve more children in hospital in their activities.


The competition attracted 55 applications from higher education students or recent graduates from 14 educational institutions. They were mainly computer scientists and web programmers, working in teams of 3-6 people.

We provide
14 teams
55 participants
14 institutions