Mini game - gamification for conference and career event


What is this?

EcoSim Mini Games are 5-10 minute long interactive challenges, which provide exciting and quick professional taks for the players. 

Example: FMCG company

Why is it popular?

People love playing, and our games awaken the competitive spirit in them! So they have the feeling of playing instead of working during the task solving in our games.

Why is it a competition?

Participants are rewarded by points and the ranking is available. Their place and the comparison to the other players make it a competition and motivate the players to do their best.

Why is it useful for your company?

Interactive communication tool with attractive design and gamified professional challenges, just how the Y and Z generations like! 

You can increase the experience of your company stand at the job fairs or your  presentation.

Database building with daily, weekly or monthly prizing.

Where can you apply?

1. Job fairs

Place a few tablets at your stand and attract the job seekers to play with the game of your company. Beside he attraction, it is a great talking point with the possible applicants. You can build a database with some engaging prize.

2. Conferences and company events

Entertaining teambuilding task and also a communication interface for the participants of your event or conference. Imagine a day with 3-4 (10-minute-long) refreshing game rounds among the presentations!

How is it building a team? When unfamiliar people solve problems together on one tool, this situation forms quickly the communication. And the competition gets together the people and also a great talking point for he whole day.

3. Online marketing campaign tool

As an interactive tool, it is a great solution for targeted communication and database building. We experienced tha 25-35% of the players give their contact data to see themselves on the ranking list and to have the chance to win the prize (100-300 $ value). 

What are the tasks of a mini game?

In a mini game we provide 10-20 situation, logical or professional tasks with decision options. Some of the tasks is hidden, displayed after certain answers.

An other solution, when 10 random tasks are displayed from a pool containing 30 tasks.

The player receiev immediate feedback after the answering of a question, so the effect of the decision is transparent. But we do not show the correct/best answer to motivate the player to try again the game. 

Evaluation and scoring

We believe in the multidimensional scoring unlike the ususal games. We determine Key Performance Indexes, which need different strategies, p.e.: profit, market share and image. 

Each KPI has different weighs in the success index. With this approach we push the players to make deliberate decisions and to think strategically.

We can take the time into consideration besides the answers in the scoring. 

Philip Morris career game