NN Insurace

The challenge

NN Biztosító Zrt. Hungary is a member of the NN Group, which is currently present in 18 countries, holding strong market positions. With more than 12 000 employees, the goal of the group is to provide high quality products and services to its 15 million clients.

They organized for the second time in 2017 the InsuRace competition for students studying economics, and also for recent graduates, who could apply in teams of three.

The solution

In the game, the teams needed to take over the management of an insurance company, and compete with each other on the insurance market. The goal was to become the first on the market, which they could achieve by making the rights strategic decisions. In addition to profit, market share was also an important factor in determining the final placements.

The national competition consisted of 3 rounds, live qualifying rounds were held in 6 cities around the country. The best 10 teams who managed to succeed at the live qualifying rounds and the online semi-finals competed with each other at the live finals and showed their skills at the headquarters of NN to win some valuable prizes.

We provide
6 live qualifying rounds
172 teams
Employer Branding Award Bronze tier

The NN Insurace competition was granted the Employer Branding Award in 2016.