MOL Freshhh


As a Hungarian multinational company operating in more than 40 countries worldwide, MOL Group has to show more than ordinary job advertisements in order to seduce the most talented engineers and the best project managers. To solve this problem, MOL invented the idea of MOL Freshhh and chose EcoSim to help realizing it. Sincs 2011, our partner, InterSim is the main contractor of MOL freshhh.


In the game MOL Freshhh, players in teams of 3 become real oil tycoons themselves. Their goal is to successfully manage their own oil companies in accordance with the given geographical and economical factors. This is truly a challenge because the students must be familiar with the oil and gas industry technologies and also the issues of strategic planning.

University students from 70 countries are competing during 3 rounds in the game, which is developed by our partner, InterSim in 3D. The first qualification round focuses on technological knowledge then the best 40 teams are able to continue in the online strategic oil simulation. The final round comes after this section if you are lucky enough to reach your precious position among the 5 best groups.

MOL Freshhh final is a splendid event where the competition ends. The participants have to demonstrate their negotiation skills and they can also meet MOL's top managers and the organizers of Freshhh. And this all does not end here for the most talented youngsters: they are welcome in MOL Group's graduate program, Growww.

We provide
6300 students
2130 teams
81 countries
250 universities