ContiCup Robot Programming Competition

The Challenge

The engineers of Continental Automotive Hungary have created a new challenge in 2016 for the engineering students who would like to prove their knowledge and would like to get some experience before they enter the labor market.

In 2017 Continental was looking for talented IT students and professionals, that is how C#ntiCup Programming Competition was created.

In 2018 Continental created another challenge for young talents within the ContiCup Robot Programming Competition organized for engineering and IT students and graduates. In the qualifying round, the participants needed to get out of an online escape room, while in the semi-final and the final they could get a taste of the real work at Continental by programming a robotic arm.

Electrical engineering students were the target group for the competition in 2019. Participants had to solve a technical quiz, and in the final, the top 10 teams had to design a current circuit that adjusts the light output of a luminaire according to the light conditions.

The Solution

In order to complete the tasks, the teams needed their professional knowledge, but also logical thinking and creativity were required, just like in the world of real professionals. The best teams not only received new experience and valuable presents but could also be offered a trainee position by Continental Automotive Hungary Kft.

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