NN RAS is an actuarial expert team based in Hungary, for which it is a challenging task to find and attract young talents.

NN RAS organized an Open Day to showcase its operation, where participants could gain an insight into the daily lives of their team of 40 members through interactive and professional presentations, later followed by networking and eating pizza, which allowed participants to get to know the members of the NN RAS team more informally.

Ensuring the right number of people for the Open Day is not an easy task, as it requires several hours of commitment from participants.

To promote the Open Day, raise awareness of NN RAS, and to present their career path in an efficient and enjoyable way, we have recommended the Storygame concept to the company and the NN RAS Career Game was born.

NN RAS Career game (Storygame)

In the Career Game, players encounter a variety of corporate situations to gain insight into the daily lives of NN RAS colleagues. Players make decisions and through which they discover different job roles, starting from entry level all the way up to a leadership position in just a matter of 5-10 minutes.

Cinema ticket coupons were drawn among the players, and the top 3 players won a gift package put together by NN RAS.

To promote the NN RAS Career Game, we used social platforms (Facebook, Instagram), and in addition to the online channels, the game was advertised directly on university campuses by our Student Ambassador Network. During the nearly 3-week campaign, a total of 618 people visited the game’s webpage, playing a total of 248 times, resulting in 55 unique subscribers and nearly 60 open day visitors.

What can the Career Game be used for?

1.Online employer branding tool

It can be used to showcase the company's everyday life, values and interests. In this way, potential employees can passively capture a great deal of information about the company and the job opportunities he or she might be interested in. The interactive campaign supported by the game can be used well for targeted communication and database building. On average, 25% of players give subscribe to take part in the prize draw.

2.Reaching out to those interested in the company and building a potential employee database

It can be used directly to reach and engage potential employees, thus building a database through which you can easily recruit candidates for vacant positions.

3.Online pre-screening

It can also be used successfully for pre-screening candidates as it can be used to measure different skills and competences. The results obtained in the game can act as a filter before inviting candidates for an interview.

4.Online pre-onboarding and onboarding

It can be a platform for knowledge transfer and information sharing that allows joining employees to receive key information regarding the company in an engaging and playful way.

5.Supporting the promotion of events

The Career game itself is suitable for building a database, but it can also serve as a campaign tool. For NN RAS, we used this tool to promote their Open Day. In the end there were more than 50 participants (students and recent graduates) at the event, where NN RAS could present themselves.

There are many other tools available to promote an Open Day (social media and Google ads, media partners, our own databases, etc.), but our main channel is our Student Ambassador Network, which covers the Hungary’s higher education institutions. With this network, we reach student groups directly and efficiently through their own channels, and with our databases we can reach graduates with a few years of experience.

6.To make live events, conferences, job fairs more lively and enjoyable

At the company stand, you can play games on 1-2 tablets or laptops. This not only attracts visitors, but also serves as an easy talking point as an ice-breaker. It can also be used to build a database from the players.

We provide
248 players
60 people interested in the open day