BESPIRITED - A case study game

The Challenge

The DIAGEO is looking for young, motivated people who would like to work in their Budapest Business Services center. They offer a multicultural environment where English is not just a required language but it is necessary to solve their daily tasks.

The Solution

In a sector where every year thousands of graduated students is employed and as a freshman, there is a need for creative employer branding and talent attraction; these are the aims of the BESPIRITED Business adventure game.

The game was announced first in the spring of 2016 and more than 600 students and freshmen were interested in being a part of it. We kept the high number in the following years.

Why is it innovative?

In 2016, the first part of the competition was an online exit room, where the 3 team members had different tasks. In 2017, they had to investigate the world of James Bond. In 2018, they traveled to the virtual country of Republica Promesa to help set up a new Diageo entity. In 2019, the contestants received mysterious messages from their future self via a hologram, who asked for their help in solving business-related problems in various career roles. In 2020, we invited the contestants on a business adventure tour where, moving on the global track, they took part in missions as members of Diageo’s international team of experts.

In the third round, the best 10 teams competed with each other in the live final at Hotel Boscolo and the DIAGEO’s High Spirits Bar (or onlien, if it was neccessary).

The competition gives you an insight into DIAGEO’s interesting world, future employees can learn about the company. Moreover, the company enlarges its talent pool.

We provide
170-219 teams
510-657 participants
8500+ unique website visitor