BESPIRITED - A case study game

The Challenge

The DIAGEO is looking for young, motivated people who would like to work in their Budapest Business Services center. They offer a multicultural environment where English is not just a required language but it is necessary to solve their daily tasks.

From 2021, we will be working with the same expectation for BSS in Bangalore.

The Solution

In a sector where every year thousands of graduated students is employed and as a freshman, there is a need for creative employer branding and talent attraction; these are the aims of the BESPIRITED Business adventure game.

The game was announced first in the spring of 2016 and more than 600 students and freshmen were interested in being a part of it. We kept the high number in the following years.

Why is it innovative?

In this competition, participants are tested in a varied and complex way, completing different challenges. In BESPIRITED, the online escape room with a series of professional exercises and 3D photo-realistic locations, the business simulation and the case study presentation are presented together.

In 2016, the competition took place in a virtual escape room, while in 2017 the participants had to investigate the world of James Bond. In 2018, they travelled to the virtual Republica Promesa, where they helped to create the new Diageo office. In 2019, the future self of the competitors appeared in the form of a hologram and asked for their help in solving various problems. Since 2020, we have been inviting competitors on a virtual business adventure, which takes place mainly in Diageo's offices. Following the Budapest office, participants were able to visit the Bangalore office in 2021 and Diageo's London offices in 2022.

Even after the exciting adventure game, interesting challenges await the teams of 3 members. The semi-finalists will be given the chance to manage an FMCG company in a business simulation, where they will be able to make decisions in areas such as production and sales, HR and marketing. The best teams in the final will present a case study solution to a jury of Diageo experts and leaders.

The competition gives you an insight into DIAGEO’s interesting world, future employees can learn about the company. Moreover, the company enlarges its talent pool.

BESPIRITED is highly successful according to students, with 91% of hungarian participants in our 2022 survey saying they would recommend the competition to friends and 79% saying they would like to work for Diageo, meanwhile only 35% hear about the sponsoring company before the competition.

Two country, one competition

For both Indian and Hungarian participants, the competition has the same topic and structure, with similar timing but separate rankings. The finals are two separate events, with each country declaring its own winner.

In addition to reaching students, BESPIRITED also serves to mobilise DIAGEO colleagues, both in national and international offices. Its aim is to build branding, highlight talent and strengthen cohesion within the company. 

We provide
383 hungarian participants
1232 indian participants
8500+ unique website visitor