OTP Bank IT Hackathon


OTP Bank offers a creative and inspiring challenge to students and junior developers in higher education. Introducing the revamped concept of OTP Bank IT Hackathon, aiming to mobilize students and junior developers in the field of IT.


In the 2023 competition, the focus was on solving future-conscious investment and trade issues, emphasizing the use of BigData and Artificial Intelligence.The competition consisted of two main stages.

In the first online round, teams had to present their ideas and technological implementations with a 30-slide presentation. The top 10 teams advanced to the live final, where they had to convince the jury of OTP Bank IT experts and leaders with a functional demo and pitch. The jury evaluated the usability, feasibility, teamwork, and relevance to the challenge.

The hackathon welcomed participants aged 18 and above, including students, beginners, and experienced developers in teams of 2-4. Preferred programming skills included Java, C++, or functional languages, and a background in backend development was advantageous.

The main prize was 750,000 HUF for the winning team, while the second and third-place teams received 450,000 HUF and 300,000 HUF, respectively. Additionally, a special prize of 150,000 HUF was awarded.

Participation in the competition was free, but registration was required.

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160+ participants
57 teams