Mud and Fire Storygame

The basis of the game

Mud+Fire is an online and exhibition-based storygame, primarily based on decisions.

You can play through the stories of 5 characters from the region of Csongrád, based on the historical events of 1848-49. In 1848-49, history was primarily written on the battlefield. But what happened in the "hinterland", in the peaceful areas? What happened in Csongrád when the fighting was not raging?

Through the lives of the 5 characters, you can get an insight into the life of the town, how its inhabitants fought their way through the fight for freedom.

Game message

If the community gets moving and its members stick together, they can come out of a very difficult situation with their backs straight.

By community, we mean partly the people of Csongrád - the aim is to make them feel that way - and partly the nation.

In this light, the story is about people of different social statuses coming together for the cause of the struggle for freedom, chasing the Austrians out of their own homes in a flash, and then coming together and remembering this as a collective act, even during the Bach era.

The game is fundamentally conflict-driven, and the gameplay rewards conflict resolution and sacrifice for the community.

The gameplay

Every decision the player makes affects the continuation of the story and/or the player's values, which can be constantly monitored on screen. One of the values is called wealth, another is given the working title of 'honour', and the third is called 'community perception.

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