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Organized by the Pénziránytű Alapítvány, the MoneySim ViaDal is a financial simulation competition aimed at testing high school students in everyday financial decision-making situations. The competition consists of three online rounds and utilizes the MoneySim simulation.

The goal of the competition is to develop financial awareness and encourage practical application among high school students.


The MoneySim ViaDal competition offers a unique opportunity for high school students to test and improve their financial skills. Participants are required to make various financial decisions during the competition, earning points based on their performance. The competition aims to enhance financial awareness and risk-taking capabilities while promoting practical application among students.

The experience and skills gained during the competition contribute to participants' financial preparedness and successful future endeavors. Through collaboration between the Pénziránytű Alapítvány and MoneySim ViaDal, students can develop their financial knowledge and skills in an exciting and interactive manner.


The Competition:

Registration and course enrollment: The competition is open to high school students in grades 9-14. Registration and course enrollment take place from early November to the end of November.
First round: The first round of the competition takes place at the end of November, where participants must earn the most points to advance.
Second round: The top 200 participants with the highest scores advance to the second round, which takes place in early December.
Final: Following the second round, the top 100 participants with the highest scores compete in the final, held in mid-December.

To participate in the competition, students must register on the MoneySim website and join the appropriate course. Throughout the competition, participants must make various financial decisions to earn points. Five different indicators influence the points earned: financial awareness, risk-taking, well-being, thriftiness, and wealth accumulation.

The competition is open to all high school students enrolled in secondary education institutions in Hungary, in grades 9-14, attending day classes. Before announcing the winners, the Pénziránytű Alapítvány requests proof of enrollment for nominated students to determine eligibility.

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