Morgan Stanley Quant Challenge

About the competition

Morgan Stanley Quant Challenge is a student competition of its kind organized in the field of data analysis and modelling. The competition provided an opportunity for students and recent graduates to experience a real-world quantitative problem, similar to those that the global bank’s analysts tackle on a daily basis in Budapest and elsewhere.


The problem given to students during the first Quant Challenge focused on forecasting the effects of climate change on the agri-business clients of a fictional bank, and the teams were required to use their analytical and modelling skills, as well as mathematical and statistical knowledge to build models that could estimate future crop yields as a function of weather based on historical data. After a qualification round, 8 teams were selected to take part in the two-day live final event in the firm’s headquarters, where they were tasked with handling the risk associated with climate change based on two potential weather scenarios.


“We had a great time in both rounds, the tasks were interesting and challenging enough. I especially liked the fact that we were finally able to put what we learned at university into practice, looking for solutions to real problems. We would like to express our gratitude for the work of the organizing team, who put together a very high-quality competition,” said Ákos Péter, a member of the winning Compacto team.

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