Conference Storygame

The basis of the game:

The "Conference Storygame" is a project management practice that helps participants master the fundamental elements of project planning and management. Project management is an approach that ensures that project work required to create a product or service is carried out within the constraints of time, cost, and quality.

The message of the game:

During the game, participants face challenges that focus not only on teamwork but also on managing the scope, time, resources, quality, and risks of the project. The message of the game is that a successful project depends not only on customer satisfaction but also encompasses various other factors.

The process of the game:

The game is accessible to anyone interested, whether they are students, individuals with little experience, or experienced project managers. The practice can complement other project management workshops but can also be used independently. Participants can test their knowledge in topics such as preparation, planning, project integration, schedule, cost, resource management, communication, risk management, procurement, monitoring, change management, quality management, and project closure. The game kit includes the necessary manual, PowerPoint presentation, and decision model.