KPMG has always paid a special attention to recruit new and young talents and its competition named BigOne is a proven tool to achieve this goal. By organizing BigOne every year, our team helps KPMG to become more popular and more desirable among the target group. 


We started working together in 2006 by providing online development and managing the communication campaign of the competition. Since then, BigOne became one of the most popular audit competitions in Hungary. The tasks in the competition successfully measure the accounting proficiency and knowledge of the participants of whom the very bests are highly welcomed in the company.

The base of the competition is a simulation in which participants act as the colleagues of a virtual consultancy firm providing business solutions to the clients. Teams of 3 compete with each other completing 7 tasks during the 3 weeks of the online rounds. Solutions are rated by KPMG experts and the 10 best teams are invited to the live final and awards ceremony in the HQ of KPMG.

Our partner summarized the main goals of the competition in two sentences:

1) To give the competitors the possibility to experience the work and duties at an international "big four" audit company.

2) To give great recognition and precious awards to the most outstanding participants.



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