YounGOffice SSC Competition

The YounGOffice SSC Competition is our new employer branding & recruitment event, first organized in 2015 spring.

Why is it worth to sponsor?

Employer branding

The sponspors can introduce their companies overally, through the interactive game of the competition. The participants are given the role of the virtual colleague and they actively play with the tasks provided bey the sponsors. Through the game they are experiencing the working challenges and the atmosphere of the companies.


The target was 400-500 related students and fresh graduates as participants.Their CV database is available only for the SSC sponsors of YounGOffice. For this, we reach ~60 000 persons of the target groups.

Cost effective

The costs of the marketing campaign and the live final are divided among the sponsors, YounGOffice is less expensive than a student competition financed by one company.

We provide
396 participants
26 schools
Gamification World Award 2015

The YounGOffice was the 3th in the Enterprise category of the Gamification World Awards.