Nokia Code Jam


In 2015, Nokia Networks had two big events to celebrate in Hungary: the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the company and the Nokia Code Jam programming competition. Nokia was targeting IT programmer students and young experts across the country with the competition, in which 157 teams participated and 28 teams were qualified to the final. Following the success of the first Code Jam, it was organized for the second time in 2016.


The main goal of the competition was to improve the practical skills of the participants and to discover talents who are able to become Nokia's agile developers in the future.

The participants of the final met a complex strategic game. In the virtual world it was possible to build economic and military buildings, to develop workers and soldiers and to collect resources and to manage them. Four teams were fighting with each other in every round. In the 24-hour final it was possible to solve the challenge in both Java and C++ program languages.

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471 participants
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eFestival Award

Nokia Code Jam programming competition won the eFestival's Special Award in Education/Gamification category.