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Companies have been suffering from the lack of well-qualified new employees in the IT sector. They find it difficult to discover young talents and to reach out to them.


ITech Challenge was launched in 2006 as a national competition for IT students. However, from 2014 we implemented a new concept, which means that graduates and IT professionals are also welcome to participate. 

EcoSim runs its national campaign with the help of its network of student ambassadors and media partners,. As a result, hundreds of students compete and have the opportunity to get to know the sponsors every year.

Through interesting IT programming and case study exercises developed by the sponsors' experts, as well as fun quizzes and teaser games, the competition will give enterprising people a chance to learn about the work of IT professionals and the exciting world of programming.

After the introductory games, the online qualification will allow the competitors to solve the tasks through a platform developed according to the sponsors' requirements. After the online qualification and semi-finals, the best teams will qualify for the live final in Budapest.

That we are proud of

Since 2017, the ITech Challenge has been sponsored by Graphisoft, under the name Graphisoft C++ ITech Challenge. Each year, the qualifying round offers participants different creative programming challenges, while the 2022 semi-finals and finals will be based on a medieval knight-style conquest game, where each player competed on a virtual map to expand their own empire at the expense of the other.

With its fun tasks and valuable prizes, the ITech Challenge is an opportunity to find young and talented IT professionals and build employer branding for potential employees. Every year, we offer new and exciting challenges to those who enter the competition.

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