ITech Challenge


Companies have been suffering from the lack of well-qualified new employees in the IT sector. They find it difficult to discover young talents and to reach out to them.


ITech Challenge was launched in 2006 as a national competition for IT students. However, from 2014 we implemented a new concept, which means that graduates and IT professionals are also welcome to participate. 

EcoSim runs its national campaign with the help of our media partners. As a result, hundreds of students compete and have the opportunity to get to know the sponsors every year.

During the competition, participants become familiar with the job of IT experts by solving programming tasks, case studies and quiz prepared by the experts of our company partner.

Competitors play in a virtual office created according to our partners' needs. They solve tasks and answer the virtual clients' questions during the 3 rounds of the online qualification. After the qualifying rounds we choose the 10 best teams who participate in the finals. 

From 2014, graduate professionals can also register to the competition. This way they can also see how valuable their expertise is on the labour market.

ITech Challenge gives you an opportunity to find talented IT experts and future colleagues and to build your employer brand. 

In 2017, the ITech Challenge was sponsored by Graphisoft, and was organized under the name of Graphisoft C++ ITech Challenge. In the online qualifying rounds the participating teams of 3 received creative coding tasks, which tested their basic knowledge, then the best teams moved on to the online semi-final. The top 10 teams got a chance to compete at the live final organized at Graphisoft Park on 4th May, and could challenge their programs against each other.

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