Student Management Championship


There are tons of graduates having economic degrees out at the labour market, but who are the real good ones? This competition offers a chance for companies to find graduates with outstanding skills and knowledge.


Student Management Championship is an effective tool to achieve this goal since it is regarded as the most popular student competition in the field of economics. The recipe for success lies in the live qualification rounds that ease the interaction between students and companies and help them get to know each other in a more direct way.

600-800 students compete every year thanks to our well-developed marketing campaign.

Competitors have to prove their managerial skills and lead their own company in the course of several weeks. They are first challenged in the regional live rounds where groups of 5-7 teams are placed in unique markets. Winners of the markets advance to the online semi final where they face a modified version of the business simulation again. Finally, the 10 best teams get into the final where they have presentation and debate exercises created by the sponsors.

This way Student Management Championship gives an opportunity for both the companies and the students - the former are able to find the talents they need while the latter discover the strengths and weaknesses of their knowledge.

We provide
207 teams
621 participants
33 university
  • 600 - 800 student and fresh graduates
  • 33-36 Institutions represented
  • Employer branding & Recruitment
  • Company presetations at 5-6 locations
  • Live business simulation qualification round
  • Online semi-final
  • Live Final with debate or presentation