Engineer Student Championship

About the competition

The Engineering Championship is a nationwide online case study competition for mechanical and electrical engineering students.

The aim is for engineering students to get acquainted with companies in a playful way through practical and exciting engineering tasks.

Because of the online rounds, a large number of students decide to participate, as time and place is not an issue.

In the competition of 2015 and 2016, the contestants have shown their skills through several weeks of solving online quizzes and electrical engineering tasks. The top 10 teams can attend the live finals and meet the sponsors.

In the finals, a case study and manufacturing tasks await the participants.

In 2017, the Jabil Engineering Championship, sponsored by Jabil Circuit Inc. was held as a regional engineering competition for mechanical, energy, mechatronic and electric engineers from the universities of Eastern Hungary.

What are the advantages for the sponsor companies?

  • Talented and motivated fresh graduates
  • Effective employer branding to your target audience
  • CV database 350 +engineer students
  • Countrywide campaign in all the related universities and colleges
  • Skill testing by task determination - talent discovery (for Unique, Gold and Silver sponsors)
  • Live presentations (for Gold and Silver sponsors)

Details and sponsoring offers are in the summary.

Why will the engineer students participate?

  • Proven marketing campaign method by EcoSim
  • Professional challenge
  • Good performance is a career boost
  • Exciting tasks
  • Attractive prizes
  • They love to compete!


We provide
357 engineer students
17 schools

In nutshell

350+ engineer students and fresh graduates

Mechanical engineers

Eletrical engineers

Employer branding

Recruitment, talent acquisition

Online case study and quiz

Live final with company presentations

Sponsoring offers