E.ON Data Discovery

E.ON Data Discovery – Road to the clients

E.ON Hungary Group always keeps in mind in its operations to provide services to its clients and partners that solve real needs and help in their everyday issues. This is ensured by the constant development of its services and the communication with its clients.

The challenge

E.ON – among others- uses the method of data mining to determine new courses of development, to properly identify the clients who are open to innovation, and to better understand the needs of their customers. E.ON Hungary Zrt. created a competition for students and your professionals who have a creative mindset and are familiar with the method of data mining.

The solution

The solution was a case study competition for talented economics, mathematics and IT students, who are interested in data analysis. Individually, or in teams of 2 or 3 their task was to find a solution to a problem presented in a case study: they received an anonymous customer database and based on these data they had to create the best strategy for dealing with the customers. From the submitted entries, 6 got into the finals.

The creator/creators of the most informative entry received a cash prize and an outstanding recognition, and their ideas will also be realized in practice.

During the competition the participants needed to find the answers to the following questions:

Customer segments: Can we identify well-defined customer segments with different needs in the sample?

The quality of customer service: Can we identify different options/demand for adjusting the quality of customer service?

Communication: Is there a different level of demand in the communication channels?

Innovation: What kind of innovative products can be interesting for different customers groups, and how can this proposal be justified?

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