Philip Morris #makehistory career game

The challenge

Philip Morris is committed to a smoke-free future. This is already visible in their products and processes. But it takes longer time to change the general thoughts and feelings about the tobacco-industry. Philip Morris Hungary aimed to reach the students and recent university graduates to show them their sustainability endeavours, vision and the career opportunities waiting for their employees.

The solution

We created a storygame for Philip Morris that goes by the name of their employer branding slogan: #makehistory.

Following the storyline, players encounter career decisions and professional situations that could also happen in real life to a Philip Morris worker. Each decision is evaluated along the 4 pillars of #makehistory. This way players get an instant feedback on how they fit to the company culture.

The #makehistory storygame was running for two months during the spring semester 2021. On the joint prize game, we gave out weekly three #makehistory eco-friendly gift packages, and the main prize were JBL Bluetooth earpods for the 3 highest scoring players.

The game was supported by Facebook and Google ad campaigns and with the promotional work of our student brand managers. Finally, by the end of the two months, we achieved 2465 games started and 529 unique subscribers.

We provide
2465 game started
529 unique subscribers