Rethink the future!


Finding well qualified experts is not an easy thing in the energy sector. For this reason E.ON puts high priority to guide the youth well in advance during their studies and to become attractive.


Imagine that we are in 2040 years, when there will 8,3 billion people live in the Earth, while Hungary's population will barely reach 9,2 million. Nearly 7 billion people will use the internet.

Meanwhile the popluation's average life age will be grow. The women expectation life age is 83, the man is 76,5 years. This means that people over 65 will reach 25% rate of people. Luckily, having children will grow. 

The Rethink the future! comptetition's efficiency of the contest is proved by the numbers: more than a two hundreds engineer students apply yearly to compete with each other in an challenge. One of the main strengths of the competition is the "real life" experience which is assured. Online qualification rounds are followed by the live final organized in the E.ON headquarters situated in the beautiful Váci street.

We provide
200 participants
21 schools