K&H students' cup


K&H Bank is a Hungarian subsidiary of the Belgian bank, KBC and is among the leading financial institutions in the country. By organizing K&H students' cup, EcoSim helps to find new talents interested in finance for the company's fresh graduate and internship program.

K&H students' cup is the most popular competition in Hungary in the field of finance.


K&H students' cup is organized every year with the participation of 700+ students from Hungary and 7 more universities from outside the country (from the areas inhabited by Hungarians).

Participants take the role of a virtual commercial bank's top managers and have to make decisions about corporate strategic questions like new product introduction, bond issuance or the number of dividends. The main goal is to make your bank profitable and manage it as successfully as you can during the online simulation part. The other part of the game is the live final where the 10 best teams can present their ideas and solutions on the given task in front of K&H leaders.

In the opinion of K&H Group's human resources director József Végh, K&H Students' Cup is far more than a game. The professional jury consisting of K&H managers also appreciated the creative and innovative solutions invented by the students. 

Besides the managers, competitors also spoke with satisfaction about the competition. One of the winner of the competition Ákos Ronta said "K&H Students' Cup remains an invaluable experience and memory for me. We participated in a high-quality students' competition which we hoped to win (and we succeeded). What is more important, we were enriched by experiences that cannot be gained only by learning at school."

There are many students who return every year, one of them is Judit Szily who revealed that K&H Students' Cup certainly has a spirit: "I participated 3 times since 2010 and I am still not tired of it! Challenge, excitement, fun, professionalism, interesting exercises, and precious awards are part of the whole game - all is done that needs to be done to create an enjoyable competition." 

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