PwC Business Game


This competition organized by the Hungarian subsidiary of Pricewaterhouse Coopers served as the Hungarian qualification round for the International Leadership Summit. The goal was to find the 4 best students who are able to represent Hungary in the international contest.


In PwC Business Game, participants had to solve a business case experiencing the work and tasks of business and management consultants. They had to conduct the audit of a virtual company and find the strong and weak points in order to come up with some solutions to the problems found during the analysis. 

Interactivity was also part of the contest since the teams could acquire information by communicating with the organizers during the 4 weeks of the online rounds. At the end, the 10 most successful participants reached the final round where they had to give a presentation in English and solve tasks used in AC programs. The 4 best students having the highest total points were sent to the international final representing Hungary.

This competition was last organized in 2008.

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