Demo training workshop

Try our practical and playful training method!


What can you expect at the workshop?

We believe in playful hands-on education, so of course you can try our Edu business simulation game! After mutual introductions and the description of the basics of the simulation training method, you can try out the game as a senior manager of a virtual company. And in the last block of the workshop, we will give you a taste of the trainer feedback and skill development method.

Why should you join?

In the online workshop you can experience our playful training method first hand. You will learn how it can fit into your middle and senior management training programme, how it can enrich your talent programme.

Who we are expecting?

Training managers, L&D staff, training organisers, HR managers and anyone who wants to learn about the experience and usefulness of business simulation training.

Who we are?


When and where?

31th May, 14:00 - 16:00 CET

Online, as Zoom meeting.

Where to apply?




Workshop timing

14:00 Introduction and simulation training method

14:30 Business simulation game

15:30 Feedback and skill development

Workshop registration

Date and time:

May 31th 2023 14:00 - 16:00

Online, Zoom meeting